Wednesday, April 1, 2009


The right to equality..everyone deserves it, from a poor man to the barking dog on the road its something we are born with, but as they say man is born free but is bound in chains well that is the actual truth. Why do we have to live like this? Dont we have just one life to do what we want ,the way we want it. The society has a lot of norms which are falling down on us with heavy consequences that is stopping our freedom. One such unfortunate set of people,forget equality but are not even treated properly are us ..Women. The poor treatment of women have not just started today but have been downing on us since god knows when, since the time a girl child was born to a family and killed just because they wanted a boy or even that time where a women was let to burn on the funeral pire of her dead husband.. well this is my topic for today women rights so here goes...

We women have come a long way and done a lot of remarkable things which men are still yet to accomplish and still when a man comes along he compares our work with them and just calls us ''utensil washers'' and we cant do any work properly. It just hurts to know that the mentality of people still remains the same even after coming such a long way..I think its time we come to a stand and say that we need to be treated equally and that we deserve our rights. Our rights to good education , our right to a nice family a right to speak up and not just shout out out opinions but also be heard. Dont you think we have been treated as rugs who people and most definitely men just walk on wiht their dirt.Im not saying that now its the womens turn to rule so the men should just back off i just want that we all need to be given equal rights to do what evr we want. Lets not take that in the wrong sense and steal and murder whoever we want just because we have the right , yes there will be some rules and we will need to abide with them but if women have rules to follow im pretty sure the men will have to follow the same, we dont want different rules and then have a discrimination war right? I just wanted to take the time out and remind everybody that its women who needs the equality rights more than the men. Men have worn the pants for too long its our turn now!!!